FAVERSHAM HOUSE - York, Western Australia



Wednesday November 13 2013


How would you like to be Lord and Lady Faversham for the night?

Have you ever wanted your very own mansion, where you could dress up and host a themed country house party?

Murder mystery, masked ball, Bridge weekends, or just... oh who needs an excuse to get together with good friends and have a great time. Just book the seven mansion rooms, grab the champers darling, and enjoy 3 course dinner with linen and candelabra in the Dining Hall, further high jinks may be enjoyed in the Ballroom, following dinner. Lovely log fires in the dining hall, and drawing room over the cooler months.

Contact Lady Faversham to enquire about just how easy and affordable it is.  Pip, pip -  tally ho!

29.8.10  " Fascinating history, wonderfully entertaining host & hostess, lovely foods & ambience.  Thank you very much

20.8.10   "We had such a great time over the weekend, we didn't want to leave.  Faversham is the only way to go in York

11.7.10  "Really enjoyable.  Appreciated the small luxury touches. Thank you

14.4.11  "Thank you so much for a fantastic couple of days, stunning home, beautiful surroundings, and to top it all off, the best hosts one could wish for."


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